Top 10 Recipes of 2017!

What an incredible year it was! When I started this blog on March 11th last year, I wanted to make a difference by showing that you can still eat all of your favorite foods as a vegan without the animal cruelty, environmental damage, and health risks. This blog is my way of being a vegan activist, and I really hope it helps encourage people to go (and stay) vegan! More than 54,000 of you visited Vegan Kitchen Magick (94,660 views and 54,249 visitors) in 2017! I am blown away by these numbers and hope that 2018 brings tremendous continued growth in veganism! Here are my ten most viewed recipes in reverse order:

10. Vegan (& Gluten Free) Breakfast Sausage. This delicious sausage is really easy to make and has a great texture!

I love to serve the sausage with cheezy scrambled tofu and roasted potatoes, make a breakfast sandwich, or crumble it up and make sausage gravy!

9. Light Vegan Mayo. This light mayo uses silken tofu to replace half of the oil, so it has only 45 calories per tablespoon! You can’t tell, though, because it has a great flavor and texture!

8. Magickal Broth Powder. This mixture of herbs, spices, and nutritional yeast makes a lovely instant broth!

I also use it to perfectly season my cooked broths, tofu “egg” salad, and chickpea “tuna” salad!

7. Whipped Topping. Light, fluffy, and delicious, this topping makes desserts, fruit, and hot cocoa even better! You make it by folding aquafaba meringue into whipped coconut cream. I love to dip strawberries in the topping, pipe it on top of mocha frappuccino, or use it to finish banana cream pie or berry trifle!

6. Vegan Caramels. This scrumptious candy is made with coconut milk, but doesn’t taste like coconut at all. Rich, creamy, and chewy, this caramel is perfect by itself, dipped in chocolate, or made into caramel apples!

5. Vegan Burgers. These burgers have great flavor and a firm texture without gluten!

The burger mixture also makes wonderful “meatloaf” or “meatballs”!

4. Toffee Bark. This toffee is very easy to make, and it looks and tastes fantastic! It also makes a great gift!

3. Magickal Seasoning Blend. This blend of eight ingredients makes practically any savory dish taste great! I make up triple batches because we use so much of it!

2. Vegan Honee. It is really easy and very inexpensive to make your own honee! I use it in tea, on oatmeal, in baking, and especially to make honee butter, granola and honey grahams!

1. “Beef” Broth. This fabulous broth tastes just like it was made with beef, but it is completely vegan! I use this broth as a base for soups, burgers, mushroom bourguignon, and the best “beef” gravy ever!

The gravy is fabulous on mashed potatoes, “meatloaf”, and mushroom Wellington!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top 10 recipes of 2017! I have loads more great recipes to share in this new year, so I hope you will subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss any of them! I am encouraged by every like, comment, follow, and share, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you!


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