Crystal Unboxing

My friend, Kim and her daughter, Skyler had a crystal giveaway awhile back, so I entered and I was one of the winners! They were going to be sending me three mystery crystals, so I was really excited to see what they were when the box arrived! Here is what I saw when I opened the box:

I read the letter and was blown away at all that was in the box!

Everything was wrapped in colored tissue paper, which made the package even more special:

The first thing I unwrapped was this beautiful little goddess statue. She is just perfect!

Kim said she got her from Brigid’s Grove, and I just checked out their website and joined their Creative Spirit Circle. It looks like they make beautiful goddess statues in a variety of colors, but Kim and Skyler picked green, which is my favorite color and the one I would have chosen for myself.

Then I unwrapped the green quartz sphere, and it is gorgeous! There is a stand for it, but I forgot to put it in the photo:

The tumbled stones were next and I love all of them! I am especially drawn to the blue apatite and the African bloodstone at the moment:

The flourite point was next and it is beautiful too!

The labradorite palm stone is really nice and does fit perfectly in my hand. I love the different colors in it!

This lovely garnet point was next!

And, finally this exquisite rose quartz sphere and stand!

Here is everything out together:

Here is all but the rose quartz charging in the sun. Sunlight can make rose quartz change color so I charged it in the moonlight later.

I am so thankful to Kim and Skyler for sending me all of these lovely crystals and the beautiful goddess statue! They are really cool people and I am fortunate to have gotten to know them online many years ago. I became friends with Kim because Skyler also has a tracheostomy and uses a ventilator. This is a favorite photo from a few years ago, and I love the way mother and daughter are looking at each other:

Skyler doesn’t have CCHS like I do, but has another genetic childhood disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA. SMA causes the muscles to atrophy and babies with the most severe form like Skyler are never strong enough to even sit up on their own. SMA has been the number one cause of genetic illness deaths in children under the age of two, but there is a new treatment called Spinraza that will prevent disease progression in babies. It may also help kids who have already lost muscle strength. For more information, click the link to go to the Cure SMA website.

Thank you again, Kim and Skyler! I love the crystals and goddess so much, and even more so because you picked them out for me. Much love and light to both of you!

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