Dandies Vegan Marshmallows Review

I loved Dandies vanilla marshmallows from the first time I tried them, and I always keep both the regular size and the mini ones on hand. I recently found the pumpkin and peppermint varieties, and I really like both of them as well! The peppermint ones taste like candy canes and the pumpkin ones like pumpkin pie spice. Both are naturally flavored and have vegetable colors. Here is what they all look like:

Here is what they look like out of the package:

These are the ingredients:

I love the vanilla mini marshmallows on hot cocoa!

The peppermint ones are wonderful with mint cocoa,

And the pumpkin ones are perfect with cinnamon cocoa! (You will find all three cocoa recipes in this post.)

I also use the vanilla mini marshmallows to make perfect vegan rice crispy treats. (You can use the regular size, but they take quite a bit longer to melt.)

The minis also make great vegan rocky road ice cream!

The pumpkin or vanilla minis are lovely on sweet potato casseroles,

And the vanilla minis work beautifully in five cup fruit salad!

My personal favorite way to eat Dandies, though, is to toast them over a bonfire! I love them by themselves or on s’mores! They get perfectly golden brown and crispy on the outside and are melty and gooey on the inside! (See my vegan honee grahams recipe if you want to make your own graham crackers.)

I highly recommend all of the Dandies varieties! They have fantastic flavors and they work just like marshmallows should! I get them at Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, and Vitacost. The Dandies website has a list of stores near you or online where you can find them. (Just click the link and scroll down a bit.)

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