Dayton Pagan Pride 2017

Dayton Pagan Pride 2017 was fantastic! The park was beautiful, the event was well-organized, and all the people there were lovely!

My mom and I made a lot of treats and set up a booth to represent Vegan Kitchen Magick. This photo shows most of the table:

Here you can see some of the treats a little better. The tubing you see is my ventilator circuit and my vent was in a rolling luggage cart. (If you are new to my blog, you can read about why I have a ventilator and breathing pacemaker in these posts.)

These are the items we had for sale:

It was a very hot day, but we were right by the river and there was a nice breeze which helped to keep us cool enough under the canopy.

I missed the opening ritual, but was able to go to the main ritual with the amazing Selena Fox!

The ritual was lovely and very interactive! While there, I met Matthew Richison from A Vegan Witch on YouTube and he came back to my booth to try some vegan treats. Matthew is so nice and I am really glad I had the opportunity to meet him in person! He has a great video up on his channel about Dayton Pagan Pride, so be sure to check it out!

Da’Ves from Sprouting Dreams and I were Facebook Friends but finally got to meet in person at the Columbus VegFest in August. I was so happy to see Da’Ves again and her food is amazing! You can find Sprouting Dreams on Facebook and see upcoming events where you can get some of her wonderful vegan dishes!

I got the grilled veggie salad and my mom got the sandwich. So good!

Selena did a fantastic presentation on paganism in the 21st century, and then stopped by my booth for a chat and some treats!

My mom was really great and watched our booth by herself several times during the day so I could go to the rituals and check out the other vendor booths. Thank you, Mom! There were a lot of vendors and this photo only shows a few of the booths!

All of the vendors were really friendly and had wonderful items for sale, but I only took photos at the booths where I got something. Magick Village had lots of great t-shirts, and I love the tree of life one that I got!

Nikki Mukherjee from the Crafty Little Witches group on Facebook had lots of great things! I especially liked her besoms and bags and got one of each:

Rhiannon’s Apothecary also had a lot of great items, but I was specifically looking for runes and I love the ones I chose!

Nicole from Cousins of the Crafts had quite a few things I wanted, but I was nearly out of money by this point! I did get this lovely little altar cloth, though:

I stopped by Selena’s booth to say goodbye. For those of you not familiar with Selena, she is incredible! She founded Circle Sanctuary in 1974 and has been influential in the Wiccan community for many, many years. It was such an honor to get to meet her!

Next, I went to look at the altar displays. They were set up by pagans from a variety of traditions and were very interesting and beautiful:

This is a terrific fellow named James with his adorable dog Onyx. We chatted several times during the day and James said I could share their photos:

I went to the closing ritual, but my ventilator battery died halfway through, and this photo of the fire is the only one I got:

I got on my breathing pacemaker, we packed up and then took a few minutes before leaving just to enjoy the beauty of the park. We headed home, and that was the end of a wonderful Pagan Pride day!


4 thoughts on “Dayton Pagan Pride 2017”

  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and for bringing vegan awareness to the Pagan community. I got to “ritual” with Selena and Jim (her partner at the time) at a gathering in Albuquerque ca. ’77. If there were any other vegs there, I couldn’t find them! So nice to see the changes :).

    Many Blessings – love your blog!

    1. Thank you! It is getting more common to find vegans in the Pagan community and there are a number of great vegan/pagan groups on Facebook now! Brightest Blessings!

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