New York City – Part 2 

On my first day in NYC, I had appointments at the hospital with my surgeon and for lab work. Once those were over, my mom and I went back to the hotel and took a nap. We had gotten a late start driving the day before, so only had a few hours sleep before my appointments. We really needed the sleep and felt much better when we woke up. (See New York City – Part 1 for why I am having surgery.)

Then, we went to Manhattan to a wonderful shop called Enchantments. It is New York City’s oldest witchy shop, and opened in 1982. It was amazing! They have all sorts of things to buy, but they specialize in custom candles and have a fantastic magickal apothecary with all sorts of herbs. The staff was really friendly and very helpful, and I definitely recommend a trip here if you are in New York City.

Here is what Enchantments looks like from outside the shop:

They do not allow photos inside the shop, except you can take one of their rune chart if you are buying a rune stone:

They have a beautiful store cat named Medea. David, the witch helping me, was really sweet and held her in front of the store so I could take her photo:

You can see more store photos in the photo gallery on Enchantments’ website here. After looking around and discussing options with David, I bought a white candle to remove obstacles and a yellow one for energy to heal after surgery:

I also got a Ouanga bag full of healing herbs and two rune stones (wealth and protection):

I’ll cover my second day in New York in another post, but surgery is tomorrow and I have to get to bed. Here is my white candle burning with positive intentions that my surgeon will find the right way around any obstacles to fix my breathing pacers:

Goodnight and Blessed Be!






2 thoughts on “New York City – Part 2 ”

  1. Hi Deborah,
    It’s Natalie from Facebook, you sent me the vent elbows and trach ties last month.
    By now I guess you’ve had your surgery, so I hope it went well and you have a good recovery. It’d be so awesome if you could get rid of your trach! 3 years ago I traveled to NYC to have a crazy huge spinal fusion with one of the best neurosurgeons for my condition in the world. I didn’t get to go anywhere in the city the day before my surgery though, but I’m glad you got to see some cool things.

    Best wishes for your recovery!

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