Ostara & Easter Basket Ideas for Vegans – Part 2

Ostara is only a week away, so I needed to get started on the gift baskets I am putting together. I liked the Sour Patch Strawberries so much, I decided to get another bag, and found a few more vegan treats while I was at the store! (If you missed my earlier post on this topic, you can see all the other candy and craft eggs I found in Part 1).

There were two more cute Sour Patch candies and, like the others, they are vegan and have no allergy declarations. All the flavors are really good!

Dots have been around for ages, and I hadn’t originally thought of them for the baskets. They are vegan, however, and are specifically labeled peanut and gluten free.  The package also states that they are manufactured in a facility that is free of tree nuts and eggs.  That made them worth mentioning, and I think they look really pretty for the basket:

Wal-Mart has strawberry filled candies that are vegan and gluten free. They are not great for people with allergies, though, as they have a “may contain” warning for milk, egg, almond, Brazil nut, coconut, peanut, and soy.  They were only $0.98, so I got them and they are pretty good!

I saw these Veggie Straws, and thought they would be a good non-sweet treat for the baskets.  They are gluten free, non-GMO, have no allergen declarations, and are certified vegan! They actually look like the picture on the bag, and are a crunchy, tasty snack:

I also found colored eggs that come with chalk to decorate them. I got these to use for an Ostara tree:

Now that I had plenty of candy and snacks ready to go, I got to work. You can even make chips look festive if you put them in a treat bag and add ribbons!

I filled large eggs with wrapped candy and fruit snacks. The only vegan candy-filled eggs I found to buy were Skittles eggs, and they were $1 each. I think these look better than any at the store!

The two kinds of jelly beans looked good mixed together and so did the Sour Patch Watermelon and Fruits candies. The Sour Skittles I put in a skinny treat bag for some variety:

The Sour Patch Strawberries are Yule colors, but pink ribbon made them look cute for spring:

I think the Dots look sweet in the little boxes from the dollar store!

All the eggs are filled, and the treat bags are done:

Now, I just need to make the homemade treats and put the baskets together!


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