Solar Eclipse 2017

I was pretty excited for the eclipse yesterday! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the safety glasses before they sold out, so I knew I would mainly have to watch online. Still, I wanted to be outside and soak up the dual energies of the sun and moon. I prepped some water to take outside with me to charge as well:

I drew the moon over the sun and wrote some intentions on my water bottles, and then placed them on a tray:

The coverage from out west was incredible!

Ohio was not in the path of totality and Columbus was only going to get 86% coverage. Still, I figured the sky would darken noticeably.

Here are my water bottles at 2:00, 2:30 (peak of coverage), and at 3:00.

That was a bit underwhelming, so here are two photos from Columbus that my news station posted:

I live about 40 minutes from the city in a rural area. I can see seven farms with red barns from my yard and that is a field of soy plants right next door!

Since my eclipse photos are so boring, I thought I would show you the soy plants up close:

Here are four of the seven farms I can see from my yard. (The other three are a little too far away to show well in a photo.)

I also got a few photos in my yard while I was waiting for the eclipse. My tomato plants are doing nicely and there must be 100 green cherry tomatoes on it (and 1 ripe one!)

This yellow heirloom tomato is almost ready to pick:

Here is a weed that I think is beautiful!

Our pears still aren’t ready to be picked:

We did harvest the basil though because my indoor basil plant needed to be cut back and I wanted to make pesto.

Here is the indoor plant with the outdoor basil and some tomatoes my mom got at a farm stand:

The tomatoes are so pretty!

My mom cut the basil plant back:

I made oil free pesto using an avocado for the fat:

The pesto was really good, and we made sandwiches and pasta for dinner with it! I will post the recipe for the pesto later this week. Both vegan cheeses shown (Mozzarella and grated Parmesan) are from Follow Your Heart and are very good!

The eclipse wasn’t very exciting where I live, but it was still a very nice day!


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