Yule Countdown – Nights One Through Four

We have been having such a wonderful time with our Yule countdown! It is really nice to slow down every evening and spend time together! We started our countdown on Thursday, November 30th, and lit just one candle the first night:

My mom and I were both pretty tired, so we decided to have a movie night. We watched The Holiday and drank hot cocoa!

On the second night, we lit two candles:

I have a small tree for my work area, and we decorated it with my kitchen fairy ornaments!

Here are close-ups of the fairies:

We also put up my baking Santa!

I had made peppermint patties earlier, so we had some of them and drank big glasses of vegan eggnog while we decorated:

On the next night, we lit three candles:

Then we had another movie night! We watched Serendipity and ate cheezy popcorn!

Here are four candles for the fourth night:

We made simple pentagram ornaments with colored popsicle sticks. These will go on our big tree in a few days. It was too cold to work in our back room where I usually take photos, so we used my work table instead. We bought it for $25 at a thrift store a number of years ago, and it is pretty beat up. I use it every day and I love that I don’t have to worry about ruining it!

We also made some speculaas cookies! They are a traditional Dutch cookie and have lots of spices and almonds in them. They were really good with a nice cup of tea!

I love watching the lights when the room is dark! I will post updates every four days, so you can see all that we do during our countdown. My mom and I wish you a very blessed Yule season!


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