Yule Countdown – Nights Seventeen Through Twenty

The last four nights of our Yule countdown were busy and a bit tiring, but worth it! December 16th was our seventeenth night and candle:

We ate popcorn and watched Love Actually, which is one of my favorite holiday movies!

On the eighteenth day, evening, and well into the night, we were baking and packing gift boxes. We made so many great treats and ate a lot more than was good for us!

We needed to recuperate on the nineteenth night after being up so late the previous evening! My mom made deconstructed potato salad with leftover baked potatoes and we spent a quiet night reading in bed:

On the twentieth and final night of our Yule countdown, we made jam thumbprint cookies and “stained glass” pentagrams:

We had planned to make a Yule decoration with these, but I like them so much that I am going to use them to make a mobile for my room. (I’ll do a post on the mobile when I make it.)

Our Yule countdown experience was truly magickal and wonderful! We will definitely be making this Yule activity and candle lighting ritual a yearly tradition! We hope you are having a very blessed Yuletide!


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