Yule Countdown – Nights Thirteen Through Sixteen

We are getting close to the end of our Yule countdown, and I will miss our evening candle lighting and activities when it’s over! This has been such a wonderful way to prepare for Yule! December 12th was night thirteen of our countdown:

We drank vegan eggnog and decorated miniature Yule trees with the paper chains, cinnamon salt dough ornaments, and orange peel pentagrams that we had already made:

I think our tiny trees look really cute!

I love my vegan eggnog recipe! I’ve made it several times already since Samhain!

On the fourteenth night, we decorated the larger cinnamon ornaments that will go on our big tree:

Here’s how they turned out:

We had a healthy snack of cuties and celery sticks with peanut butter and craisins!

On the fifteenth night, we ate caramel corn and added the decorated cinnamon dough ornaments to our big tree:

I love the salty sweetness of caramel corn!

On the sixteenth night, we made pentagram tree toppers for all of our trees:

We also made some yummy sugar cookies for a snack:

Brightest Yule Blessings!


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