How to Make Icicle Ornaments

These icicle ornaments are really simple, inexpensive, and fun to make! They sparkle beautifully on your tree too!  All you need to make them is borax, hot water, pipe cleaners, string, and some empty jars:

Start by wrapping each pipe cleaner around a pen to create a spiral:

Tie a piece of string around the top of each spiral like this:

Add 2 cups of borax and 10 cups of hot water to a container with a tight-fitting lid. Shake until all the Borax is dissolved.

Tie the pipe cleaner spirals to craft sticks or knives, and suspend the icicles in the jars so they don’t touch the jars or each other:

Add the Borax solution, then let them sit for three to eight hours. The longer you wait, the more crystals they will have on them.

Once the icicles are as crystallized as you would like, remove them from the Borax solution, let them dry for a few hours, and cut off the strings

You can reuse the Borax solution a couple of times, but you will need to reheat the water and dissolve any crystals that have accumulated on the bottom of the jar. (I also added an additional spoonful of Borax to each jar to be sure there was enough.)

This is what our finished icicles look like:

To hang them on your tree, bend one end of each icicle through a tree hook:

I love how they sparkle and brighten up the tree!


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