Yule Countdown – Nights Nine Through Twelve

Our Yule countdown is going very well! It is harder to set aside the time every night than we thought it would be, but we never regret doing so. Even when we start out feeling stressed and too busy, we feel better and more at peace once we light the candles. December 8th was our ninth night of the countdown:

We watched Scrooge, which is our favorite musical version of A Christmas Carol and ate pumpkin pie spiced popcorn:

On the tenth night, we hung pentagram and icicle ornaments on our big tree:

For a treat, we ate a few of my homemade peanut butter crunch balls!

My mom and I did a lot of crafting and ate vegan queso on the eleventh night! We made stained glass candle holders and worked on our cinnamon dough ornaments:

We cut out lots of squares of colored tissue paper, and used Mod Podge to apply them to clean glass jars:

This is what they looked like once they were dry:

Here they are lit up with candles!

The cinnamon ornaments we had made a few days earlier were finally dry, so we coated them with Mod Podge and started assembling the little houses:

On the twelfth night, we drank hot cocoa and made ornaments for our miniature Yule trees!

A star canape cutter was just the right size to make little orange pentagrams for our mini trees:

We warmed up with peppermint cocoa topped with Dandies vegan peppermint marshmallows! (I made a big pot, but you can use my cocoa mix if you only want to make a mug or two.)

We also made tiny paper chains. These take quite a bit more time than the large ones do, but they sure are cute!

Many Yuletide blessings from our family to yours!


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