Make a Gratitude Tree for Mabon or Thanksgiving 

The most important part of Mabon for me is showing gratitude for all of the blessings experienced in the past year. To put that intention into practice, we made a gratitude tree. Every day we will write something we are thankful for on a leaf and add it to the tree. On Mabon night, we will burn the branches with our leaves of grateful intentions on our bonfire to send our thanks to the universe. Here are the things we used to make our gratitude tree:

I recommend a stronger glue, as this one takes way too long to dry. I got the metallic markers ($1.97) and ribbon ($1) at Walmart and they worked very well.

I got three bunches of leaves and this pretty ribbon for $1 each at Dollar Tree:

I found this vase at a thrift shop for $1.50, but Dollar Tree had quite a few choices too.

The thinner ribbon worked better on this size vase:

We added twigs from tree branches that had been broken off in a storm.

My mom got this adorable sign post at Dollar Tree:

Here is a better view of the twigs that are now the branches of our gratitude tree:

We each chose a leaf and wrote something we are thankful for on it:

We added glue to the back of the leaf and then chose a branch to attach it to. (I would use a stronger glue, though, as this one just isn’t meant for this kind of craft.)

Here Is the start of our gratitude tree:

Update: This is what our gratitude tree looked like three weeks later with 42 leaves on Mabon!

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