New York City – Part 4

The left side of my neck is very swollen, and I was in quite a lot of pain last night. (See Part 1 and Part 3 for the back story.) So, I called the surgeon this morning to let him know. He said that the left electrode had been very difficult to place, and that he wasn’t surprised about the swelling and pain. He felt that adding a medication to reduce nerve pain might help, and sent a prescription to a pharmacy near my hotel. My mom went to pick it up, and looked around the store while she waited for the pharmacy to fill it. She thought vegan ice cream would make me feel better and got Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Almond Brittle and So Delicious’ Salted Caramel Cluster:

Here is what they look like inside:

They both have nice swirls and chunks:

The Ben & Jerry’s is creamy but the base didn’t have enough vanilla flavor. However, the caramel swirl and crispy brittle clusters are really good! The So Delicious is also creamy and the base has almost too much flavor. I really like the caramel and the chocolate bits in this one! Here are the nutrition facts for the Ben & Jerry’s:

Here are the ingredients – Oops! My mom looked at the allergen declaration and thought it was ok, but it has barley malt and is not gluten free! Fortunately, I had only had a couple of bites before seeing it:

Here are the nutrition facts and ingredients for the So Delicious:

I love seeing both certified vegan and certified gluten free on the packaging!

I have to agree with my mom that vegan ice cream does make me feel better! The quality of both ice creams is very good and I would buy both of these again, except for the Ben & Jerry’s containing gluten. I looked up the ingredients for all seven of their non-dairy flavors, and only the Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia look safe for a gluten free diet. I really appreciate So Delicious using ingredients I can eat and having the gluten free certification!

Check back tomorrow for my review of By Chloe and Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream!

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