New York City – Part 5

On my second day in New York, we drove into the city to meet up with my friend and fellow vegan chef, Gretchen Price. Gretchen has a wonderful vegan baking blog (Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery) and a fantastic YouTube channel (Gretchen’s Bakery) that you will want to check out!

We wanted to try as many places as possible in one day, so we decided to restaurant hop and share several items at each place. We started our vegan restaurant hop at by CHLOE at the 185 Bleeker St. location. Here is Gretchen out in front:

We ordered and then sat in these cool swings to wait for our food:

We got the gluten free Guac Burger:

The Original Air Baked French Fries:

and the gluten free Mac N’ Cheese:

The chipotle aioli and beetroot ketchup were in pump dispensers where you pick up your order:

We all really liked the food at by CHLOE and definitely recommend the restaurant! The Guac Burger had great flavor and texture combinations with the black bean burger, guacamole, corn chips and fresh corn. The gluten free bun was so good that I checked the receipt to be sure it was gluten free! I never would have guessed that the fries were air baked, because they were so crispy and delicious. The Mac N’ Cheese was ok, but not as good as I was expecting. The sauce wasn’t very cheesy, but it did coat the pasta nicely and the gluten free pasta had a great texture. The shiitake bacon and almond parm were fine, but not outstanding. I wouldn’t order the Mac N’ Cheese again, but it wasn’t bad. We all thought the beetroot ketchup was interesting, but we loved the chipotle aioli. I would definitely eat there again and I really want to try their classic Burger.

Sweets by CHLOE was next door, so we had to take a look:

The Chlostess Cupcake looked really good, but wasn’t gluten free. Gretchen and my mom tried a sample. They liked it, but thought it was a little too dry and that it needed to have more chocolate flavor.

There were lots of choices if you are not gluten free, but only four or five gluten free options. We bought a gluten free chocolate chip cookie and it was pretty good. I thought it needed a little more vanilla and crisper edges, but Gretchen really likes soft-baked cookies and thought it was really good:

Overall, we really liked both by CHLOE and Sweets by CHLOE. We were really glad we tried them and will definitely go back!

4 thoughts on “New York City – Part 5”

  1. Love it Deborah! I had a great time with you in NYC on our food excursion! Great blog post! I can’t wait to recreate the Chloestess Cupcake!

    1. I had so much fun trying everything with you, Gretchen, and it really was a fabulous day! I can’t wait to see your recreation of the cupcake!

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