Ostara & Easter Basket Ideas for Vegans – Part 3

Part 1 showcased a variety of options for vegan store bought candy, craft eggs, and inexpensive baskets. I was really happy to find so many accidentally vegan candies!

Part 2 showed a few more choices and demonstrated ways to make store bought candy look festive.  Curly ribbon is essential!

Now, lets look at some different ways to put an Ostara or Easter basket together! Little baskets are really cute, and great for when you only want to have a few treats. The first basket is just a brown paper lunch bag folded over several times, and the others were $0.50 to $1.00 at a thrift shop:

A stuffed animal is a nice addition to a medium or large-sized basket. I love the little hedgehog, and the bunny holding a rice crispy carrot is really sweet! This basket was $1 at the thrift store.

Here are some larger baskets. The plastic ones are from the dollar store, and the woven one was $2 at the thrift store. The basket bags were two for $1 at the dollar store and are good quality.

The homemade treats shown in these baskets are:

I have a had a lot of fun putting all of these baskets together to give to family and friends! It was wonderful to find so many vegan candies, and I loved making the homemade treats. I hope you try some of these ideas, and I wish you a very Blessed Ostara!

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