Trader Joe’s Gummy Candies Review

My mom found these two gummy candies at Trader Joe’s that are vegan and really good! They are copycats of Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, but use natural colors:

Here is the back of the Scandinavian Swimmers and a closeup of the ingredients:

They are a little softer than Swedish Fish, which I like. There are four shapes and flavors. The red lobster is cherry, the orange fish is orange, the yellow seahorse is lemon, and the aqua dolphin one we think is blue raspberry. I like the red and orange ones best, but they are all pretty good!

Here is the back of the Sour Gummies and a closeup of the ingredients:

These have T and J shapes and four flavors. They are all citrus and very good! The yellow is lemon, the red is grapefruit, the orange is tangerine, and the pale green is lime. They are not as firm as Sour Patch Kids, which I don’t like, but are not as soft as most vegan gummies. The flavors are excellent, though, which helps to make up for them being slightly too soft.

So, overall, we like the Swimmers texture a little better than, and the flavors a bit less than Swedish Fish. And, we like the Sour Gummies flavors a little better, and the texture a bit less than Sour Patch Kids. Both use natural colors from fruits and vegetables and are a great option if you are avoiding artificial food dyes. We will definitely buy them again!


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