Trader Joe’s X’s & O’s Valentine Candy Review

I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday to get some vegan chocolate chips (best flavor & value around in my opinion), and saw these cute X’s & O’s gummy candies on display:

I got a bag to try, and they are really good! They are firm and chewy, with a much better texture than most vegan gummy candy has. There are three colors/flavors. Red is cherry flavored, pink is strawberry, and the white ones are citrus:

These gummy candies are made with natural flavors and colors:

I am sending out a few packages to family for Valentine’s Day, so I divided the candies into four treat bags. My mom added curly ribbons and they look very cute!

My mom really likes the X’s & O’s too, and we both recommend them. (We also like their T’s & J’s and Swedish Swimmers!) I will definitely buy them again and wish we had gotten more then one bag!

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