New York City – Part 3

My second day in New York was amazing! I will be sharing lots of photos and four vegan restaurant reviews in my next two posts, but I didn’t have time to write them before surgery. (See Part 1 for the background story.) Yesterday I was admitted to the hospital to get new breathing pacers:

I went to the surgical ICU after the pacers were done:

The top two incisions are where the electrodes were placed on my phrenic nerves. The two lower incisions are where the receivers were implanted:

Here is a diagram that shows the pacer components:

This is what the receivers and electrodes look like:

The receivers are a little bigger than a quarter:

I had an arterial line in my right wrist and an IV in each foot!

But, the lines are already out, and I will be discharged in a few hours!

4 thoughts on “New York City – Part 3”

    1. Thank you, Marty! I have recovered from the surgery itself, but my left phrenic nerve was damaged during the surgery and my left diaphragm is paralyzed as a result. We hope that it will eventually recover, but I have to be on my ventilator most of the time until it does. I can use the right side of my pacer alone for a couple of hours at a time, but I am only breathing with one lung when I do. It is frustrating, but I am doing ok!

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