Yule Countdown – Nights Five Through Eight

My mom and I have been continuing our Yule countdown, and we are loving it! If you are new to my blog, you can read about how we prepared for it, and how we spent the first four nights by clicking the links! December 4th was our fifth night and candle:

We had a quiet evening watching one of my mom’s favorite holiday movies and ate vegan party mix! The movie is from 1977 and is a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life with Marlo Thomas as Mary Bailey in the lead role.

On the sixth night, we made icicle ornaments from pipe cleaners and had soy milk and speculaas cookies for a snack:

We already had the borax and string, and we got the bag of pipe cleaners at the dollar store, so we made all of these beautiful ornaments for just $1.00!

They will be really pretty on our Yule tree!

We had another movie night after lighting our seventh candle on December 6th. We watched The Christmas Card and ate vegan rice crispy treat letters for St. Nicholas Day. I am half Dutch, so the letters are a tradition!

On the eighth night, we made cinnamon salt dough ornaments and ate popcorn balls!

The dough has to dry for several days, so we had to wait to build the little houses and decorate the gingerbread men:

I love sweet and crunchy popcorn balls!

I will be posting all of the snack recipes, and detailed directions for all of the crafts we are doing! (I’ll add the links as I get those posts done.) We wish you a very happy Yule season!

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